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Vet Chat

Chatting with Dr. Barb

We went on over to The Shady Oak Vet clinic to find Dr.Barb! We asked her some things that we might need to know about our animals!


Q. What should soon-to-be pet owners know before adopting a pet?


A. Dr.Barb: If you're thinking of adopting, think - Forever. If you can't do it forever, don't. If you can't commit yourself to the pet forever, than please don't do it. I hope that every pet that goes home with a new owner can always know that they are family. They are forever.


Q. What is the most common disease you see in animals such as dogs and cats?


A. Dr.Barb: Well, in young cats, some respiratory illnesses and "eating something I'm not suppose to" and in older cats dental disease, weight, renal issues  and IBS (Irritable Bower Syndrome). In puppies, I see "eating something I'm not supposed to" as well, joint and ligament injuries (from being so active) and in older dogs, arthritis, IBS, and a lot of times cancer. 


Q. Are there ways we owners can prevent those problems and illnesses from happening?


A. Dr.Barb: Actually in many cases, Yes! Dental disease in dogs and cats is such a simple health problem to take care of. Even though cats are more difficult, both cats and dogs should have their teeth cleaned. Either by the owner or a qualified vet. Also, as cats age, they should eat more canned foods to help avoid kidney and renal issues. And just like people, dogs and cats should eat a bit less and exercise a bit more, so that the animal can remain happy and healthy.  Of course, I think regular visits to a vet are a big help in preventing and managing all sorts of issues!


Q. Anything else that we should know about?


A. Dr.Barb: I encourage people to spay or neuter their animal to reduce the amount of animals without a home. There are sooo many great animals, everyone has one out there for them but yet again, adopting an animal is a true commitment and you have to be ready for it! Forever is forever. 


Thank you Dr. Barb!




You can make an appointment with Dr. Barb or any one of the awesome vets of Shady Oaks Veterinary Clinic online!



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