Quality time with your pets.

Time is like food.


It's how you feed the human-animal bond to make it stronger. Every day, studies demonstrate that a stronger bond makes you and your pet physically and emotionally healthier. Unfortunately, time is under a lot of pressure these days – obligations of school, work, daily chores and our social network all rob us of this commodity.

Timing is Everything!

Before bringing home any pet, you should measure how much time you can devote to that particular companion animal, be it dog, cat, ferret, bird, reptile, or what have you. If you manage your time correctly, you should be able to take care of the physical needs and still be able to spend "quality time" that you both can appreciate.


If you decide to clean the closet before taking Scruffy to the park, you may find yourself immersed in a task that for most people takes hours to complete. You and your dog may not make it to the park.


It's a big decision to add a pet to your household.  It's another family member! So talk it over with your parents and/or other siblings to make sure they are all on board to welcome a new, fun, affectionate personality to care for and spend time with.  


It is a big commitment, but what you get back is amazing!

Some people don't have the time to own an animal. But if you do, cherish it.

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